Charms of Hotel Kisoji

The hotel is located in Nagiso, which is surrounded by mountains and pristine nature.

There are two wells in Kisoji Resort, and mild simmering hot water flow from them. Enjoy hot spring open-air bath surrounded by extensive pristine nature and large hot water batch surrounded by the aroma of Hinoki (Japanese cypress) while watching the beautiful view that is different in all four seasons.

Besides, we also offer delicious and well-balanced buffet made from carefully picked ingredients consisting of 35-40 types of dishes from Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine that would satisfy all our guests irrespective of age and gender.

Hotel Kisoji

hot spring

Breathtaking large bath, which will impress you and make you

Open-air batch surrounded by pristine nature with abundant openness. Large path surrounded by the sweet smell of Japanese cypress.

All in one space without "Walls" or "Doors" that separate indoor bath and open-air bath…Wouldn't you try such hot bath? We also have reserved private bath where you can relax and enjoy with family and friends.

hot spring
Tsumago juku


From Hotel Kisoji, the sightseeing spot

"Tsumago Juku", which was 42nd post town from Edo out of 69 on Nakasendo Road, is just 5 minutes by car from the hotel. Moreover, 7 km route of Kisoji from Tsumago to Magome via Magome pass is an easy hiking route and it is very popular because it still has abundant remnants of Japanese traits from the Edo era, and of late, it has become popular among foreign tourists as well.

sightseeing photo image
Post towns were located at pivotal points of the road, and they had facilities inns and tea shops where travelers can lodge and take rest, and facilities for people and horses. Towns formed mainly around the posts were called post towns.

Hotel Kisoji can be accessed through several ways.

Access from airport via Nagoya (access up to JR Nagoya station)

Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport→JR Shin Osaka station(JR limited express Haruka about 50 min)→JR Nagoya station(JR shinkansen Nozomi about 50min)

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

Haneda Airport→JR Tokyo station(Monorail.JR about 30min)
→JR Nagoya station(JR shinkansen Nozomi about 105min)

Chubu Centrair interational Airport

Chubu Airport→JR Nagoya station(Nagoya railroad express mu-sky about 30min)

Access from JR Nagoya station

JR Nagoya-station
JR Nagoya station→JR Nakatsugawa station(JR limited express wide view Shinano about 50min) →JR Nagiso station(about 20min)→Hotel Kisoji(free shuttle bus about 15min)

Access via Shiojiri station from JR Shinjuku station in Tokyo

JR Shinjuku-station

JR Shinjyuku station→JR Shiojiri station(JR limited express Azusa about 150min)→JR Nagiso station(JR limited express wide view Shinano about 65min)→Hotel Kisoji(free shuttle bus about 15min)

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